What to Look For in a Quality Summer Camp


As soon as you begin exploring the summer camp options available for your children, your mind may begin to swirl. You could send your kids to local camps or out-of-state camps, and you can choose between just-for-fun camps or educational camps. The options range from magic camp and science camp to soccer camp, music camp, cheer camp and much more. Some kids will use the opportunities camp provides to expand their horizons in activities they are not familiar with, and others will use them to refine their skills in something they are already passionate about. As you explore the options available for summer camp for your kids, look for these factors to narrow down your options.

Suitable Activities
You can drastically narrow down the choices available to consider by focusing on suitable activities for your kids and teens. Think about their own personal interests, and ask them if they have any other interests they want to pursue this summer. This is a great opportunity to expose kids to new things, and some of these things can turn into a lifelong passion or even a career option down the road. They can foster a passion for personal fitness, healthy eating, the fine arts and much more, so take time to carefully consider areas that you may want your child to improve in or that they may want to learn more about.

Well-Trained Staff
When selecting the right summer camp to send your kids to, learn more about the staff. Research the staff to camper ratio, and ensure that this coverage is suitable for your child’s age group. Then, research the skills and training the staff members are required to have. Are these high school kids who have no training and who are essentially paid to babysit? Are they well-trained professionals working in their field of expertise? In some cases, high school kids may be well-suited for being camp counselors, and this may be particularly true in just-for-fun camps. With educational camps, however, you typically want counselors with more skills and training.

Accreditation and Certifications
Not all camps have accreditation and certifications, but the best camps do. There are a lengthy list of potential certifications available through various organizations, and as you research different camps, you will find out more about these certifications. When researching this area, consider also reading online consumer reviews about specific camps you are interested in.

Signing your kids up for summer camp is unfortunately more time-consuming than it sounds. You initially want to find a great camp to send your kids to, and you may also want to ask their friends’ parents if some of their friends can come along. Organizing summer activities may not be easy, but the effort will be well-rewarded when your kids have a great experience at summer camp this year. For a better understanding, Camp White Pine has many resources available for reference.

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