“Smart” Homes: Why Canadians Should Consider Professional Keyless Entry Installation


Today, a growing number of Canadian households have discovered the flexibility provided by new “keyless entry” digital door locks. Many of these systems integrate very smoothly with sophisticated high tech home security systems or access control systems. Even though some keyless lock manufacturers sell their products at retail outlets, if you’ve purchased one of these new locks you might benefit by seeking professional installation services from a qualified locksmith.

Enjoy a “Smart” Residence

Increasingly, home security systems offer owners the ability to fully integrate a variety of devices into secure home monitoring systems. For example, a property owner might want to connect the heating and cooling system and the lights to a computerized controller system.

Just imagine setting environmental parameters for every room in the house. Your household members enjoy comfortable room temperatures in a brightly illuminated residence while they remain at home, but the home security system automatically lowers the thermostat and turns off the lights when occupants leave the premises. The automated design offers remote monitoring of the residence with a video camera system, also. “Smart” homes may help conserve utility usage.

Adding a New Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry systems function well as components within this type of “smart residence” model. For example, a locksmith trained in the correct installation of one of these digital door locks can help you integrate a new digital entry locks with your home alarm systems. These innovative locks typically require no key. A person entering the residence simply inputs a previously issued access code into a keypad to unlock the door.

A property owner using some models can re-lock the door simply by clicking a button on a mobile phone or other hand held device. Owners can provide unique entry codes to every member of the household, as well as guest codes for regular service personnel, such as maids, nannies or gardeners. The home security system monitors every entrance, logging the identities of visitors and the period of time someone remained at the premises.

Professional Installation Offers Advantages

A modern keyless entry system may enable a busy Canadian homeowner to monitor access to rooms remotely over the Internet. An owner can revoke an access code on demand if someone abuses the privilege of using it, for instance. This type of lock functions well as a component of a high tech “smart” residence.

Yet these complex new locks do require careful installation in order to work correctly. Since they must integrate fully with other complicated home monitoring systems, it makes sense to consider hiring a well-trained locksmithing professional to perform installation and repair services to enjoy the full security benefits.

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