Important information regarding Breastfeeding and Mirena IUD

I just received the following email from Dr Jack Newman at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute regarding concerns that the Mirena IUD can have an adverse affect on Milk Supply.

We are receiving more and more reports from mothers of a decrease in milk production associated with the Mirena IUD. Today I received two such reports.

Given the constant chronological relationship between the placement of the IUD and the mother’s decrease in milk production (1 to 2 weeks), it is quite possible that the decrease in milk production is a result of the IUD. Of course, it is also likely that not all women will have a significant decrease; nobody contacts me when they don’t have a decreased production. But it is also likely that only a tiny percentage of women who do have a decrease actually contact me.

I think we need to be prudent and warn women about this possible side effect of the Mirena. All hormonal contraceptive methods should be avoided by breastfeeding mothers if possible.

 Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC